Thursday, October 22, 2020

Face Lift - 17 days Post Op

I head to see Dr. Hall today for him to check out my incisions and the lumpiness on my neck. All is healing nicely so I think I'll get a good report. My neck actually improved tremendously in the last 24 hours ... the body is such an amazing thing! I have worn my neck sling during the day even if I don't have to because it just feels good when my chin/neck are swollen and tight. I can now move my neck more side to side and up, so that is good. I haven't driven yet because of the stiffness, but I'll be fine to drive Monday for a vet appointment.

Since I'm heading out with my husband to spend the afternoon together, I put on some makeup. So, of course, I decided to take some pictures, too! Here's that update for you ... back again on Monday for my 3 week report!

Right side, still bruised and you can see my chin scar location. I didn't cover up any of my incisions with makeup so that the doc can see them well.

Chin incision is healing nicely.

Left side of neck which is the worse side. More bruising and lumpiness, but it's really better today!

Side profile - no more double chin!! I thought I would also address my bumpy nose and why I chose NOT to have a nose job at the same time. I SERIOUSLY considered it, I truly, really did because I've always hated the bump on my nose. However, I also truly, really DID NOT want to change how I've seen myself for the last 51+ years with 35+ of those spent with my husband. My nose looks fine from the front when talking to people and when taking pictures, so I decided against the extra expense and am just embracing that little funny detail that makes me ME! Plus, now they have "liquid nosejobs" where they add filler into the space so that it is smooth from bump to top of nose ... maybe I'll look into that option someday! ... then again, maybe not, lol!

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