Thursday, October 8, 2020

Face Lift - Post Op Day 3

 (October 8) – Today has been a bit of a rough day. I'm not comfortable but pain meds aren't helping much. Everything is swollen and throbbing. I can't sleep well and several days of bad sleep is beginning to wear on me.

It is weird to look at myself in the mirror. I can see myself, but I am soooo swollen that I don’t look like myself at all. I have this antsy feeling, like I want to get up and move, but I'm still groggy and have no attention span. I usually feel like this when I'm getting rid of the anesthesia in my system.

I was up for over 3 hours last night as my bowels woke up and I had to go to the bathroom a lot. I plan to ice my cheeks today to try and decrease the swelling. I also need to drink lots of water to flush out my system. The bruising is starting to go away a bit. You can see it dissipating into my skin in the photo below. 

This photo shows where I was stitched up after the liposuction of my chin was finished. All of my stitches come out tomorrow. I'm really anxious for the swelling to go down so that I can see my new chin!

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