Saturday, October 10, 2020

Face Lift - Post Op Day 5

I had all of my stitches taken out yesterday and only had one small area behind my ear where the skin wasn't healed together. So, Jim will be taking care of that area and I go back in 2 weeks for Dr. Hall to check things out to make sure all is healed up. My swelling should start to go down this weekend and continue to improve each day. I'm already tired of the compression sling and I have about 10 more days of wearing it 24/7. I've decided to give myself a small break from it each morning so that I can enjoy drinking my coffee!

Sleeping on my back while elevating my head is annoying the crap out of me. I snore if I'm on my back so I'm awake a lot because I am conscious that I am snoring! I can try to sleep on my side while elevated sometime next week, but I already tested that and it is NOT comfortable AT ALL. Hopefully, the days will go by quickly and I'll be sleeping in my normal side position before I know it. 

I've started to feel a shock/twinge here and there in my chin which means the nerves are coming back. I have no idea how much of my neck will remain numb. I still have a large section of my abdomen numb from my tummy tuck 3 years ago, so I do expect to have areas of my face with no feeling to them. Those areas feel so heavy, like there is a block of concrete attached to my face. Dr. Hall describes the feeling like that heaviness you feel in your mouth when it gets numbed to fix a cavity and that is EXACTLY how it feels!

As of yesterday, I am not feeling any pain. I just feel pressure where the muscles have been pulled tight. Jim has been the BEST through all of this. He has taken over all that I usually do during the week and will continue to do so until I can go out without my compression sling on. He goes back to work next week, but the boys are home and can help take dogs out. I'm trying to avoid the neighbors seeing me in my sling if I can! LOL! 

All in all, it's not even been a full week and I'm feeling good and am not regretting my decision to have the surgery. I'm very anxious to see my face without all of the swelling and the waiting is killing me. I am not a very patient person!!  

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