Wednesday, January 26, 2022

My Facelift Journey - Final Thoughts

UPDATED 2/24/22 - My podcast interview with Dr. Hall is now ready!  Listen (or read) more about my thoughts about my post-op journey after my surgery!

Hello again ... time for some final thoughts on my face & neck lift surgery! It has now been almost 16 months since my journey began and I've been thinking a lot about the changes I've experienced since I had my face & neck lift in October 2020. Obviously, a lot has happened in the world since early 2020 with the advent of the COVID virus. I was lucky enough that my surgeon, Dr. Jason Hall of Trillium Plastic Surgery, has his surgical facilities in his medical office building so I was able to have my surgery when I wanted as there were no hospital restrictions against elective procedures. 

I spent time today reading back through my photo journal of my procedure and it was interesting to watch my face change and read my thoughts again! ALL of my concerns about the healing process were for naught as everything pretty much resolved itself in the end. All of the "lumps and bumps" in my neck are gone even if it did take longer than I wanted - lol! I never needed any laser treatments on any of the bruising or scar areas. I know that I mentioned several times that I thought more skin or muscle could have been pulled back, but then I realize that I wouldn't look like MYSELF if he had done that. This was very important to me and something that Dr. Hall and I agreed was what I wanted as an end result - I wanted to still look like ME! 

One of the reasons that I chose Dr. Hall was because his "after" photos of his facelifts all showed people who looked like a better version of themselves in their "before" photos. Here is a picture of me from 15 years ago compared to a recent picture taken on 12-23-2021 ... Aside from the haircut and color (and a thinner neck - YES!!), I still look exactly like myself. That is what I call perfection ... and ALL credit goes to Dr. Hall's surgical skill as well as his willingness to listen to what his patient wants!

I turned 53 a few days ago and I've never been happier with myself. I had my tummy tuck and facial surgeries FOR ME ... these were areas of my body that I wasn't happy with and didn't want to live with as they were. Both surgeries have allowed me to wear clothing that I want to wear and to feel better about myself. I am eating healthier, exercising and taking better care of myself as well. I truly have had only positive changes as a result of my surgeries. Yes, I have spent a good chunk of change (ha!), but my husband was so supportive and encouraging and he is so happy that I am happy!

I highly recommend that you give Dr. Hall a call if you are looking to have any plastic surgery and are interviewing surgeons. He is in a very good central location in Knoxville, TN and only 3-4 hours away from Nashville and Atlanta, and only 2 hours from Asheville, NC or Chattanooga, TN. I will continue to visit his office for injectables and maybe some facial laser treatments to maintain the results from my surgery. Knoxville is lucky to have such a talented plastic surgeon in town!


  1. You look fantastic. Refreshed, relaxed and very much like the old 23 year old. I have been going to Dr Halls Office for over a year now getting some laser and injection treatments. They have definitely helped but not as much as I would like. For the money I have been spending, I am thinking I may as well go ahead and have a face lift. Of course, I am 71 years old and not like your "spring chicken" 53. But my infamous sayig is "I don't THINK old, I don't ACT old, and as long as I have some money in my pocket - I'm sure as hell not gonna LOOK old !!" Ha Ha
    Just curious, can you tell me what the cost of the face list and treatments related to the procedure actually costs ?
    Congrats, You look beautiful !
    Josie Flynn, RN, BSN, OCN

    1. Hello!! I highly encourage you to have a consultation with Dr. Hall about a facelift. My mother-in-law had one in her early 70s and it still looks great at 97!

      My face & neck lift was around $11,500 but it does vary from person to person depending upon what he needs to do to get the result you both are aiming for. I might have a revision done if I feel it is warranted in another 10 years or so. I'm like you ... Why not look my best if I can afford it?

      Good luck with your decision! I hope the podcast is helpful for you!


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