Monday, February 21, 2022

Anti-Aging vs. Pro-Longevity ... my new journey

I love the graphic above because it sorta describes my current daily routine (there just needs to be a line about crochet)! However, my health journey is now heading in a different direction. For about 5 years now, I have been very open about sharing the treatments I have undergone to attain a better level of self-acceptance of myself. I am very self-conscious of how I appear to others, an issue that I feel evolved as my parents moved us around the country fairly frequently. I attended 3 high schools in 4 years and those are the most difficult years as one grows up. Kids of all ages can be cruel, but teens are the worst! I was always trying to make new friends and fit in. I didn't care about being in the "popular" group, but I did want to make some friends wherever I was. 

Anyway, I believe that my opinion of myself was shaped by my experiences with how others saw me. I was always just a bit on the outside of everything even though I remember having some really good friends in high school. I, therefore, became very critical of my appearance and no compliment could dissuade me otherwise. I am lucky to have a fabulous husband who adores me and tells me all the time how beautiful I am to him. It took a long time before I truly believed him. He would love me the same even if I had never had my tummy tuck or my face & neck lift. Now, over 4 years after my tummy tuck, I am almost 10 lbs. heavier and I am not happy about it. I quit the gym when Covid-19 hit and I have only been going back on a regular schedule for a few months; in the meantime, I gained weight while not working out regularly. I have taken my measurements as a better way to track my fitness and am seeing some improvement already even though the scale has yet to budge.

So, all of this to say, that while I kind of started down a path of pondering methods of anti-aging, I am now just hoping to do all that I can to live as long as possible in a positive state of health. My mother died over 2 years ago from congestive heart failure. The sad thing is that I NEVER heard that term discussed before she died. We were always talking about her doctor's visits as she had a lot of medical issues, but she never once told me that she had been diagnosed with CHF! Looking back, I can see that she clearly had ALL of the symptoms, but I am not a medical professional so I didn't know then what I came to understand after her death. She was only 74 years old. 

Some may say that is old, but in this day and age, I think there are things we can do to lengthen our lives or, at least, stay healthier until that last day comes. I don't want to get ill and linger in an unhealthy state for years and years. I have learned from watching my mom's health decline, that there are things I can do to keep myself healthier longer. I have already started my research and will be posting here all of the new bits of information I come across that will hopefully help me live longer and stay healthier. While I will still be getting "anti-aging" treatments like Botox and facial lasers, I am trying to learn more about how to slow down aging at a cellular level. 

So, future posts will discuss:

- Vitamins and supplements that help with cell turnover

- What is the healthiest way to eat to promote longevity?

- Book recommendations discussing how to live longer

- How can red light therapy help internally?

- What part does exercise play in living longer and what is the best routine as you age?

- What anti-aging skincare products work at a cellular level to promote the best looking skin? I use these products, many which contain growth factors that help at a molecular level. 

I am now 53 years old and my husband is the same age. His mom will be 98 this year ... wow! Jim has aged much slower than I have and I do believe that he has genetics on his side. I started getting gray hair in my late 20s while he didn't see his first gray hairs until 20 years later! I want to spend as many years with him as I can, so I am excited to keep researching for the best information on how to attain this goal. I do hope you'll consider following along with me this year as I work to figure out the path that I need to take in order to continue my newfound journey to a healthier me! I have already found lots of great information to share and plan to post at least weekly over the next few months so that others can benefit from what I am learning.

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