Monday, October 19, 2020

Face Lift - 2 weeks post-op

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I had surgery!! I am feeling really good. I still have lingering swelling, tightness and numbness, but that is all to be expected. My neck still has some deep bruising and a couple of lumpy areas (you can see that in pic below) which my doctor says will heal with time. I follow-up with him on Thursday so he can check my neck and the incisions behind my ears (they are still scabbed over). The numbness is pretty much from ear to ear, chin to Adam's apple in a BIG triangle shape. 

Let's get to the photos so you can see the difference two weeks can make! In the first picture, you can see the lingering swelling in my chin and neck (left side is the "after"). It'll be several months before most of the swelling goes down. At 4 months post-op, I'll get a good glimpse at my initial result with it talking a full YEAR for my final result to be apparent.

Bruising/swelling/lumpiness is still evident today.

This is the difference between last Monday and today. You can see that all of the bruising on my chest (from the drainage of blood due to gravity) has disappeared for the most part. There is still some bruising you can't see because my shirt is covering it.

Having a facelift has been much more of an emotional journey than my tummy tuck surgery. I think that is because I can't hide my face with a pair of jeans if the surgery went wrong - LOL! I am a person that wants to look my best when I'm out in public, so it's hard to be swollen, bruised and not able to turn my neck fully. Patience is not something I am good at (just ask my husband!) so this is a more difficult recovery for me psychologically. However, I have to say that I have turned a corner at the 2-week mark because I feel comfortable going out in public at this stage.

I'll definitely post in another week with updated photos and thoughts on my journey!

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