Monday, October 12, 2020

Face Lift - One Week

One week has flown by and I actually feel fairly normal today. I'm still swollen and I have to wear the chin sling for one more week all day long. I'm not sure it's helping anything at this point, but I will follow my doctor's orders! My bruising is still EVERYWHERE, but improving. No pain or discomfort at all, just tenderness where my bruising is. My incisions are healing nicely and I start using SkinMedica scar gel today on the ones in front of my ears and chin. 

I think this photo shows that I look more refreshed and less "tired." I'm pretty sure things won't change much when the swelling goes down a bit more. I am REALLY happy with this comparison photo!

These photos compare post op Days 4 and 7. I'm still swollen and bruised, but it is all lessening. I'm not going to take any photos again until next week so I can compare a week's worth of healing. 

So, that's where I am today. I can't wait until I can move my neck more. It is really tight and stiff because everything has been pulled so much. I have a short neck anyway - lol! I'll update again in a week unless anything happens of note that I feel is worth journaling!

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