Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Face Lift - Post Op Day 8

I wasn't going to post for another week, but I had a breakthrough in my swelling and thought it was interesting enough to share today! Overnight, a LOT of swelling went away leaving me with a more defined chin line and less puffy cheeks - woo-hoo!

I am going to place a call to Dr. Hall this morning because when I wear the chin sling, it is causing "ridges" in my skin. They do work themselves out after not wearing the sling for a while. I just don't want them to become permanent. I also have a couple of lumpy spots on the left side of my neck that I do NOT have on the right side. So, I want to discuss that with him as well. 

This shows my chin up waking and you can see all of the lines caused by the sling. That yellow bruise on the right side is one of the lumpy areas I am concerned about. The photo below was taken about an hour later and you can see that it is smoothed out some.

I am happy that the swelling is working its way out. My chin felt "funny" all day yesterday, sorta tingly and whatever, so maybe it was working its magic!

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