Friday, October 9, 2020

Face Lift - Post Op Day 4

Dr. Hall will take out my stitches later this morning. I ended up taking a narcotic pain med last night to try and help me get a good night's sleep and I feel well-rested this morning. Also, nothing like a shower and dressing in regular clothes to help one feel more normal!

Here are my update pics for today. My face is still really swollen, but my husband assures me that I still look like myself without the compression bandage on. My right side (left in the pics below) is more swollen than the left side.

You can see the puffiness in my cheeks when I smile.

Still have lots of bruising that is healing on my neck

My neck is VERY wide due to the swelling. It looks weird in the mirror.

The placement of my stitches - down and around the ear and into my hairline. My ears are even swollen - ha!

I love my new chin line even when it is this swollen! If it stayed this way, I'd still be happy. However, there is a lot of swelling still to go down so I am feeling VERY confident that I'm not going to have my double chin anymore. Woo-hoo!

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