Thursday, October 8, 2020

Lower Face & Neck Lift - Surgery Day

I have always disliked my double chin and all of the skin on my neck. I don't like to wear turtlenecks. It is an area that swells depending upon what I've eaten. Here are some pictures to show you what I don't like - my neck and lower face are very full!


In a previous post here on the blog, I talked about the Coolsculpting that I had done to the area under my chin. It did help initially, but after 2 years, all of the skin was sagging. The only difference is that the fat under the skin was gone. When I consulted with my plastic surgeon about having a facelift, he told me that I also had a fat pad under the muscle and that he would lipo that area to help with the heaviness and get rid of the fat that was pushing the skin down. 

I was going to wait until I was in my 60s to have any surgery, but I decided that there is no better time than the present to just get it done! I spoke with three surgeons before settling on the one I liked the best. Both his bedside manner and skills to give me the result I am looking for gave me the confidence to move ahead with my surgery.

I thought I would keep a bit of a daily journal and chronicle my journey through the healing process. It should take about 3-4 months before I get the first big glimpse of what my final face will look like. However, a lot of my swelling will be gone in the first 4 weeks.

My surgeon is Dr. Jason Hall of Trillium Plastic Surgery. Here are my "before" pictures taken at his office. 

DAY 1 (October 5) – Surgery went for 5 hours, an hour longer than planned. No complications. Spent the afternoon and evening dozing off and on. Ate a banana and drank some juice. The nausea was a bit worse for me this time around and I did vomit after taking a few sips of chicken broth for dinner. Kept eating crackers and applesauce and was ok. Having to take pain meds every 3 hours, alternating ibuprofen and Lortab was a pain in the butt. My neck feels soooo tight and that is normal, but it’s still weird. Dr. Hallaccording to my husband, said that he expects a nice result with a more defined jawline and my double chin gone! I’m having a difficult time getting comfortable to sleep and can’t wait until I can sleep on my side again. Not too much drainage into the drain, but it’s going to feel weird coming out as it’s in the front of my neck and coming out over my right ear. Bleh!

Home, but feeling dazed and groggy

I have a big patch of bleeding on the left side of my neck.

Another view of the left-side bruising 

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