Monday, November 2, 2020

Face lift - 1 month Post Op

I am feeling so good four weeks after my face & neck lift! All of my incisions are healed over with no scabbing. Most of the swelling has gone with some lingering under my chin and in my neck. The lumps and bumps in both sides of my neck are going away. I only have bruising in my neck with it being worse on the left side. There is still tightness in my neck and I can't turn from side to side very much.

I am very, very happy with my results and so is my husband. Although he didn't really care if I got it done, he can see the difference physically and also the difference in how I feel about myself now. The recovery was so much easier than my tummy tuck with the first few weeks being the roughest. The healing of the nerves is the biggest thing I am dealing with now ... my neck and under my chin tingle and zap all day. It also is the part that is the most uncomfortable at night when I'm sleeping. This area just aches some times, but it's all a part of the healing process so I take some ibuprofen to help. I still do not have feeling in a large area of the skin in my neck and under my chin.

Time for the update photos this week and there are lots of them since it's been a month. First, the photos from today and then comparison photos to a month ago. 

I really think I look "refreshed" now. The temporal incision pulled that part of my face a bit more to the outside and so the forehead area between my eyebrows is smoother and I don't look as angry.  My chin line also has more definition and my neck is not so saggy or wide. You can also see that the long line on the right side of my mouth doesn't reach my chin anymore!

Both of these photos show "befores" a month before my surgery. I know you can't see much of a difference, but TRUST ME I had learned how to angle my chin so that the fullness disappeared a lot.

In this photo, you can see that my neck was wider "before" and the jowls are now smaller.

You can see my chin scar (which I didn't cover with makeup) and the lumpy, bumpy neck still healing.

The incision in front of my ear has healed well. Still red, but I'm happy with it and even pulled my hair back this past weekend when I was out and about!

Other ear incision and you can see the incision in my hair line at the temple is looking good, too.

Left side of neck is still lumpy and bruised, but it is SOOOO much better than a few weeks ago!

Right side still has some bruising. If the bruising on my neck remains at the 6 week mark, the doctor is going to do some laser treatment to break up the lingering blood.

This is all of the chin I have left when I try to make it look the worst I can make it!

Loving this profile view so much!

I will update again in two weeks after my 6-week follow up visit.

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