Monday, November 16, 2020

Face lift - 6 weeks Post Op

I see Dr. Hall in a few days for my 6-week follow-up, but thought I'd post my pictures today and then a quick post after my visit. I'm feeling really good. I still have tightness and swelling under my chin and in my neck. I also still have lumps in my neck, mostly on the left side. I'm honestly not sure if they are going to go away at this point, although I've read from others' experiences that I just need to be patient. However, it is hard to be patient when one side of my neck looks really good and the other is still a bit jacked up. I'll see what Dr. Hall says in a few days, but I'm honestly not convinced that the lumps are going to go away with time. I did have a lymphatic drainage massage about 10 days ago and it helped with the swelling a bit. 

I also got my haircut last week to celebrate the new me! I kept my hair long on purpose in case I needed it to cover my neck or other incisions, but I feel very comfortable going out in public and no longer need the longer hair. 

So, here are my pictures taken this morning. I've pulled my hair back for ease of picture taking. I've also inserted some pictures from a few weeks ago so you can see the before pictures.

There is less swelling under my chin when comparing the above pic and the right one below

Not much change in 2 weeks, but I can see less swelling 
where the back of my chin meets the top of my neck.

Here is the current situation with my neck ... still really concerned about the lumps. I will have some laser treatment to break up the bruising/blood that is still in the tissues. The chin scar is bigger and more noticeable than I would like, but I am hoping it will improve with a bit of massage and time. I have to remember that it's only been six weeks!

right side above, left side below

The incisions around my ears have healed up very well. 
The ones behind my ears are still pink and will be for a while. 

So, there you have it! All is pretty good at six weeks! I will be going to Dr. Hall's office fairly regularly for the next year as I have purchased a package of laser treatments for my skin. The treatment is mostly for sun damage, but will also treat wrinkles, uneven skin tone and possibly my scars. My first treatment is next month and I'll be posting my experience once I have it done. I am glad that I will be at my doctor's office regularly so we can possibly have a quick look at the neck lumps and bruising to be sure it is improving.

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