Thursday, November 19, 2020

Update on 6-week follow-up visit

I am soooo happy with the surgeon that I chose for my facelift!! Went to see Dr. Hall for my 6-week po f/u yesterday. He said that I am looking great and healing well.

I wrote earlier on Monday about the lumps and redness in my neck. I also now have lumps that are now visible from the front.

The lumps are my salivary glands. Dr. Hall is going to inject Botox into them which will shrink them. Main side effect is a bit of dry mouth, but he said that is the only way to get rid of the lumps. I'm all in for that as I am not happy with the way it looks now.
Dr. Hall took his time looking at the lumps on my neck and said that he will give me steroid injections, just not yet. He wants to give the lumps a bit more time to possibly decrease in size or go away on their own, but will consider it between 4-6 months post op. I am happy with a conservative approach to this as I do think some of these lumps could possibly dissipate on their own given enough time.
As for the redness on my neck, he's going to use the Sciton BBL laser. I had bought two BBL treatments last week as part of my facial care for 2021, but he said he'd give me more treatments if that didn't do it. He also is going to zap the incisions behind my ears with the BBL laser as he said they are redder than he would like them to be at this stage.
I feel soooo much better after seeing him today. It is so reassuring to have a doctor who sees the issues I am dealing with and wants to fix them so that I am super happy with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Hall and his staff - they have been there when I called with questions and very responsive to my concerns. I couldn't have asked for better care during this process!

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