Friday, January 1, 2021

Face Lift - 3 months post-op

I can't believe that it's been three months since my surgery. The swelling is pretty much gone, but it does come and go - often in the same day! All of my incisions are looking good and the redness is pretty much gone. The skin is still sensitive and numb in areas and I can't "scrub" my face, moving skin up/down or side-to-side as that hurts. I wash my face gently and pat the skin dry. Here are some updated pictures with descriptions.

Had to get my license done with our new address and was surprised to see my new neck appear in the photo!! These pictures were taken two years apart and I am the same weight in both pictures.

This was my goal photo - high school senior picture
I think we came close. I still have some extra skin on the sides of my chin, but some things do have to change after 35 years, right? LOL!

These are close-ups of the extra skin on each side of my chin. My doctor will assess this issue at my 6-month follow up in April. Honestly, I'm not sure that I'll do anything about it because it's more a factor of how my bone structure slants up and not back.  I am leaning towards having a revision in 10 years when things have "fallen" again, so don't want to have too much surgery in the same area. I have also found, since taking these photos, that if I'm eating "bad" (lots of sugar, dairy, or gluten), my face and abdomen swell. So, my food sensitivities are playing a part in my swelling.


The photos below show how the swelling under my chin comes and goes during the day.  I am usually more swollen in the morning (top) and it dissipates as the day goes on (bottom). This is one reason that I'm willing to believe that, by my 6-month follow up,  this issue may have resolved itself and I won't be swollen anymore. 


So, all in all, still extremely happy with the results. I'll post again in April after my 6-month follow up for sure. Until then, I'll be sharing my experience having facial laser treatments and Jeuveau (like Botox) in separate posts. My goal for 2021 is to get my skin in tip-top shape!

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