Friday, July 16, 2021

Face Lift - 9 months post-op

I am so sorry that it has taken me FIVE months to post an update. I had some medical issues requiring surgery and so I had to reschedule my 6-month post op visit with my surgeon until last month. Then I kept forgetting to take new photos! I'm healthy and healed up now, though, so that is all that matters! 

Dr. Hall and I are VERY happy with my results. When I saw him a month ago, I still had some loose skin under my chin, but that laxity has made some major improvement over the last four weeks and looks really good. When you read that it takes A FULL YEAR to see results from a face/neck lift, they aren't lying! I still have 3 more months to go and Dr. Hall told me that he expects to see even more improvement by then. 

Today, I am in the red top with my hair pulled back for my 9 month post-op photos. The others with my hair down are from 5 months ago. Here we go! The first photo is comparing my BEFORE with my current photo. What a difference ... I look so much more refreshed and I am in love with my pretty neck and chin line!


There isn't much of a noticeable difference in this comparison photo.

I can see that my jowls are less noticeable in this comparison, so the chin line has a smoother appearance.

My current profile is a bit less "bumpy" under my chin.

Maybe a little less swelling under the chin in this comparison.

The scars in front of my ears have healed really well and are less noticeable than 5 months ago.

Not much change in the scar in front of this ear.

My neck area is all smooth with no lumps or discoloration. I truly thought that those lumps would be there FOREVER, but they did go away without any intervention from Dr. Hall.

Here I am all smiley and happy because my result is so natural! I will do a final comparison post once I have my set of photos from Dr. Hall. His office staff takes pictures of me every time I go there so there are LOTS of photos as I am still have Nanolaser skin treatments and Jeuveau (Botox) between my eyebrows. These are two treatments that I will not give up after this year.