Friday, January 12, 2018

The weekly wrap-up

This week was ok overall. Gizzy had his eye surgery on Monday and we had a bit of a scare after bringing him home. The vet actually decided to keep him overnight and I picked him up Tuesday morning, but he wasn't walking well at home. He was kinda dragging his back legs or stumbling trying to walk on them. As it turns out, he was pretty much back to normal by late Wednesday afternoon. It just took a while for all of the anesthetic to leave his system. He has done well with his recovery and I've only had to put on the "cone of shame" one afternoon so far!

I spent most of the week reading up on ketogenic eating as we continue to transition to the way of life. I have to admit that I fell off the wagon as I am a huge sugar addict and I caved and ate some chocolate and then a piece of turtle cheesecake from a local restaurant. However, I'm back on the wagon today and not beating myself up about it. This is a process and I have to re-teach myself how to eat!

The most recent book by Maria & Craig Emmerich, Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans was released on Tuesday and it is amazing! 

This should be a "go-to" book for anyone wanting to learn all they can about keto. It explains all of the hows and whys of this kind of eating. The best section is Chapter 6: Modifications for Disease which explains how to modify keto to help heal from certain diseases/diagnoses. It also lists supplements to help in the healing process. As someone diagnosed with hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOS and depression, this section really spoke to me! I will definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about the keto way of life. My grocery bill has gone up about $20-30 weekly, but that's a small price to pay for a healthier body!

I'm still using my planner and trying to figure out how to make it work best to keep me on task and organized. I have been reading a lot about bullet journaling and I do think I would like to give it a try. My current planner goes through June so I figure I can bullet journal the last 6 months to see if I like it. If I don't, I'll just make my own planner again. I found this article very instructive on how to set up a bullet journal if you are interested.

I'm back to the gym this week! I joined Planet Fitness as it's only $10/month. I'm still hesitant to lift weights as I still "feel" my healing tummy when I do simple things like get off the couch or turn over in bed. So until that sensation goes away, I will limit my workout to the machines, mostly the treadmill for now. I finally found a copy of the classes they offer and so am going to take their stretch class after my walk. I have no flexibility and so hope this will help.

I'm working on getting my "crojo" back ... that is the mojo to crochet! I have worked out a plan for my son's "summer forest on the lake" blanket and hope to get it going this weekend.

I worked this up in Excel and it is meant to represent the reflection of the forest in the lake. You can see the sky and sun above the forest. I believe this will be a pretty blanket once it's completed. I also have plans for at least 3 other blankets, so I best get crackin' or I won't get them done!

Those are probably the highlights of my week. I'm still wasting too much time on the Internet, but I know how to fix it and so will work on that next week. My husband and I finally finished our marathon of watching all of the seasons of Game of Thrones. Can't wait for the final season in 2019! We've got HBO free for another 2 months, so better make the best use of that time and watch some other shows we won't be able to view after our trial is over.

I'm looking forward to a better week next week. Here's hoping I can continue to improve in the areas where I know I have issues.

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