Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New additions

I've been working on adding links that I want to have available to me quickly. In the left hand column, I have added several lists that I thought might also be helpful to my fellow online crochet sisters! I've participated in several CALs this year and it has helped me get some projects done that I wouldn't have started otherwise. I do hope to join in several of the CALs I have shared here ... some of the projects are beautiful!

Like most crafters, I have my list of favorite designers. I have multiple patterns from these artists and am always watching for their next creation to be released, so I decided to list them here for easy reference! I have also added a list of unfinished projects (WIPS) that I will finish by the end of the year. I always like to start the year without anything left undone. This week, I am finishing up a test project and then I'll get to tackling this list as well as participating in several of the CALs.

Finally, I check out all of the new patterns added to Ravelry daily and so I am thinking of posting several lists weekly of gorgeous FREE patterns that others might be interested in. These will include blankets, squares, tops and shawls/scarves/wraps as well as some home decor items. I know there are lots of other crochet items (amigurumi, children's items, kitchen projects, etc.) listed daily, but I can't look at all of them and so will focus on sharing items that I would consider making myself.

I do hope that you will find these lists and shared info helpful!

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