Sunday, September 1, 2019

Goals for September

For me, Sunday is usually a day of planning for the week ahead. My husband bicycles on Sundays, either alone or with a friend. While he is gone, I usually straighten up the house, wash sheets and towels and work on my planner. Whatever time I have left before he gets home is focused on crochet, of course.

Today was a different day. I had an ocular migraine pretty early in the morning. For me, this involves a lot of shimmering and zigzag patterns with my vision. It only lasted about 20 minutes, but made me nauseous and I finished with a headache. So, I'm just taking it easy watching Diagnosis on Netflix and waiting to feel good enough to pop in the shower. I decided to take this time to work on my goals for September and here they are:

1. I saw a post for "sugar-free September" online this week and I'm going to participate in this. For me, that means no added sugars for the next 30 days ... no candy, cake, etc. If I can do this for a month, I can usually get over my craving for sugar.

2. I'm going to participate in multiple CALs that start this month because I need to get some blankets made for some upcoming weddings and I want to make a couple for our own home! I've only made 3 blankets for us in the last almost 3 years, so it's time to give us for cool weather snuggling. I have also pulled out 4 unfinished projects and will try to work on one weekly to finish some things up.

3. We are working on getting our finances in order. Now that we are 50, we can put additional money in our 401k and we also want to start up our Roth IRAs. We are very focused on making sure we have enough money saved for retirement.

4. I need to get back to a regular cleaning schedule. Usually, I tackle one chore daily and it works out well. I've gotten off track this summer, but will pick it back up this week.

5. Finally, I plan to get back on a regular schedule at Planet Fitness and lift weights 2-3 days weekly. Usually, I go on Sundays while Jim bikes, but I'm skipping today due to the migraine.

I know these are some good things to focus on this month ... here's to working on the plan I have set for myself in September.

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