Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Final October update

I've been really busy this month trying to finish some crochet projects as part of Organized October on Instagram. I will only have the sleeves of one sweater to finish in November, all other projects are done! I will be pulling out all unfinished items and work to get them completed by year's end. I want to start January fresh!

I've continued eating vegetarian for the past month and hope to get to vegan by the end of November. By the end of December, I want to take out all foods that have fat (nuts, oils, avocados, etc.). My goal is to start January having eliminated most food sensitivities from my diet. Then I will start adding food items back in one by one to see what still affects me. I am not missing meat AT ALL! I've lost four pounds, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I have a very difficult time losing weight so this is a big victory!

The weather is finally getting cooler and the leaves are hitting peak color this week. I cannot wait to wear all of my new crochet sweaters that I made this year. I now have 13 sweaters, cardigans, and ponchos to wear! I can't believe that I made that many items. My plan for 2020 is to crochet one sweater each month ... I'm going to have to get another dresser to hold them all!

My injured finger is finally barely hurting. Turns out that I had a small break in the top of the 2nd bone when I dislocated it. But, it's time to get back to Planet Fitness and get a routine going. It truly is not my favorite thing at all, but I know I need to do it for my health as I age, so I need to jump back in and get moving.

Not much else going on. I'm just really looking forward to hunkering down for the next few months and enjoying the cozy life at home.

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