Saturday, January 11, 2020

Lessons from this week

It's been a very emotional week for me. I am so excited and happy and humbled to finally be moving into our beautiful new house. My husband and I love the town we live in and we've been doing a lot of talking about where we want to retire and we want to stay where we are. It is still 16 years away for us, but as fast as the past 30 years have flown, retirement will be here before we know it! We have lived in four houses since we married, but none of them have been the "dream" home or perfect enough to stay in forever.

I think many people know what they want in their dream home, but I'm not sure how many ever get exactly what they want. I am getting everything I want and more in this new home. I never thought it would happen and I've cried a few times this week out of sheer happiness because I can't believe our luck! Jim and I have thought of moving out of our current neighborhood many, many times over the past 6 years, but my husband doesn't like change and it's been difficult to convince him that the time was right. And, honestly, the time never felt exactly right .... until now. It only took us about 3 weeks to find our dream home. When I look back at the last few years, I can see that many choices we have made have been leading up to this point, but we just couldn't see it.

I believe in karma and that whatever you throw out into the world eventually comes back to you. Lately, it seemed like we were throwing out more good and not getting it returned. I felt that there was an imbalance that needed to be fixed. I kept saying to myself, "When are things going to go our way?" Well, all that good that we've thrown out into the world has come back to us ten-fold! We found the perfect retirement home with perfect mountain views PLUS the seller of the house is leaving a lot of the home furnishings for us because she is downsizing. Luckily, I love her decorating style and am thrilled with the pieces she is leaving in the home. Honestly, I could have moved into that house just the way it is if it had been sold totally furnished!

Yesterday, a friend of my husband gave us a huge pile of packing boxes, at no cost to us. Boxes are expensive, so it's like the stars have aligned and we are benefiting from it! I've started packing up our current home and am a bit overwhelmed by the thought of packing up 18+ years in this house, but I'll just keep plugging away, room by room, knowing that all of this hard work will be so worth it on the end when we are sitting by the fire on our gorgeous deck enjoying the views. In the meantime, I will continue to look for ways to pay the seller's kindness forward so that I can try to maintain that balance I am looking for.

The lessons I learned this week are (1) I need to continue to live my life in a positive manner looking for ways to help others without thought for getting anything in return, (2) sometimes we have to wait a long time to see the results of choices we make - never give up waiting!, and (3) it is never to late to realize a dream! I will ponder this last lesson a bit more this year. I hold back from pursuing things because I am afraid of failure. Maybe it is time to take chances and see what happens!