Monday, October 26, 2020

Face Lift - Week 3 PO

I'm feeling really good today, three weeks after my surgery. I'm still dealing with the ups and downs of swelling. Yesterday was an up, today is a down and I woke up swollen. However, that is all a part of the process and I took update photos anyway! I'm definitely still wearing the chin strap while sleeping and then again during the day if my chin is feeling "tired" and in need of some support. I've put on makeup several times and headed out to run errands or do some shopping. I can't turn my head very well, so I'm very careful when driving and using my mirrors a LOT, but I still feel very comfortable driving now. This was me on Saturday at Christopher & Banks ... the saleslady wanted a "twinning" picture for their Facebook page. I loved that I HAVE NO DOUBLE CHIN in this photo - woo-hoo!!!

Here are today's update photos:

I love that I have a neck in this photo!! I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair though - lol! I grew out my hair so that I could cover areas after surgery, but it doesn't have much style. I do love being able to put in in a ponytail to get it out of my face. I won't be able to do that if I cut it shorter. I'll figure it out eventually.

Left side still swollen and bruised, but getting better!

Right side, looking good but still some bruising

You can see the neck swelling in this photo. My scar is healing nicely.

Swelling under my chin has improved from last week!

Comparison photo: Pre-op vs 3 weeks po.
I'm looking so much better, refreshed and no saggy neck.
You can see the puffiness in my cheeks still.

Today vs last week. 
I can see that the left side puffiness has gone down under my chin.

Back next week for my 1 month update!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Face Lift - 17 days po

I head to see Dr. Hall today for him to check out my incisions and the lumpiness on my neck. All is healing nicely so I think I'll get a good report. My neck actually improved tremendously in the last 24 hours ... the body is such an amazing thing! I have worn my neck sling during the day even if I don't have to because it just feels good when my chin/neck are swollen and tight. I can now move my neck more side to side and up, so that is good. I haven't driven yet because of the stiffness, but I'll be fine to drive Monday for a vet appointment.

Since I'm heading out with my husband to spend the afternoon together, I put on some makeup. So, of course, I decided to take some pictures, too! Here's that update for you ... back again on Monday for my 3 week report!

Right side, still bruised and you can see my chin scar location. I didn't cover up any of my incisions with makeup so that the doc can see them well.

Chin incision is healing nicely.

Left side of neck which is the worse side. More bruising and lumpiness, but it's really better today!

Side profile - no more double chin!! I thought I would also address my bumpy nose and why I chose NOT to have a nose job at the same time. I SERIOUSLY considered it, I truly, really did because I've always hated the bump on my nose. However, I also truly, really DID NOT want to change how I've seen myself for the last 51+ years with 35+ of those spent with my husband. My nose looks fine from the front when talking to people and when taking pictures, so I decided against the extra expense and am just embracing that little funny detail that makes me ME! Plus, now they have "liquid nosejobs" where they add filler into the space so that it is smooth from bump to top of nose ... maybe I'll look into that option someday! ... then again, maybe not, lol!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Face Lift - 2 weeks post-op

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I had surgery!! I am feeling really good. I still have lingering swelling, tightness and numbness, but that is all to be expected. My neck still has some deep bruising and a couple of lumpy areas (you can see that in pic below) which my doctor says will heal with time. I follow-up with him on Thursday so he can check my neck and the incisions behind my ears (they are still scabbed over). The numbness is pretty much from ear to ear, chin to Adam's apple in a BIG triangle shape. 

Let's get to the photos so you can see the difference two weeks can make! In the first picture, you can see the lingering swelling in my chin and neck (left side is the "after"). It'll be several months before most of the swelling goes down. At 4 months post-op, I'll get a good glimpse at my initial result with it talking a full YEAR for my final result to be apparent.

Bruising/swelling/lumpiness is still evident today.

This is the difference between last Monday and today. You can see that all of the bruising on my chest (from the drainage of blood due to gravity) has disappeared for the most part. There is still some bruising you can't see because my shirt is covering it.

Having a facelift has been much more of an emotional journey than my tummy tuck surgery. I think that is because I can't hide my face with a pair of jeans if the surgery went wrong - LOL! I am a person that wants to look my best when I'm out in public, so it's hard to be swollen, bruised and not able to turn my neck fully. Patience is not something I am good at (just ask my husband!) so this is a more difficult recovery for me psychologically. However, I have to say that I have turned a corner at the 2-week mark because I feel comfortable going out in public at this stage.

I'll definitely post in another week with updated photos and thoughts on my journey!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Face Lift - Post Day 11

I can't believe it's already been almost 2 weeks since I had my surgery. My neck is still very lumpy and bumpy, swollen and tender. My chin line is swollen. A lot of the scabbing on my incisions is coming off and the line in front of my ears is looking VERY good! I'm now putting SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel on my incisions twice daily. This will help with the healing process. I've also bought some medical grade silicone scar strips to put on my chin incision which is hard and lumpy. My incision sites often recover with a lot of hard scar tissue under the skin and the silicone strips helped with my tummy tuck incision so I'm doing it again. If the hard ridge doesn't go down in a reasonable amount of time like 6 months, then I'll talk to Dr. Hall about possible laser treatments that can help.

Here are two pictures from today when Jim and I went to early voting. The bottom picture shows a bit more of the swelling still in my neck. My neck is also still bruised so I had to cover it with make up today. So glad my hair is also long enough to cover most of it - lol! However, I am extremely happy with how I look today and it is only going to get better!

I'll post more pics on Monday at my 2-week mark. I am pretty sure the swelling continues to go down each day and there will be even more of a difference to share with you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Face Lift - Post Day 8

I wasn't going to post for another week, but I had a breakthrough in my swelling and thought it was interesting enough to share today! Overnight, a LOT of swelling went away leaving me with a more defined chin line and less puffy cheeks - woo-hoo!

I am going to place a call to Dr. Hall this morning because when I wear the chin sling, it is causing "ridges" in my skin. They do work themselves out after not wearing the sling for a while. I just don't want them to become permanent. I also have a couple of lumpy spots on the left side of my neck that I do NOT have on the right side. So, I want to discuss that with him as well. 

This shows my chin up waking and you can see all of the lines caused by the sling. That yellow bruise on the right side is one of the lumpy areas I am concerned about. The photo below was taken about an hour later and you can see that it is smoothed out some.

I am happy that the swelling is working its way out. My chin felt "funny" all day yesterday, sorta tingly and whatever, so maybe it was working its magic!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Face Lift - One Week

One week has flown by and I actually feel fairly normal today. I'm still swollen and I have to wear the chin sling for one more week all day long. I'm not sure it's helping anything at this point, but I will follow my doctor's orders! My bruising is still EVERYWHERE, but improving. No pain or discomfort at all, just tenderness where my bruising is. My incisions are healing nicely and I start using SkinMedica scar gel today on the ones in front of my ears and chin. 

I think this photo shows that I look more refreshed and less "tired." I'm pretty sure things won't change much when the swelling goes down a bit more. I am REALLY happy with this comparison photo!

These photos compare post op Days 4 and 7. I'm still swollen and bruised, but it is all lessening. I'm not going to take any photos again until next week so I can compare a week's worth of healing. 

So, that's where I am today. I can't wait until I can move my neck more. It is really tight and stiff because everything has been pulled so much. I have a short neck anyway - lol! I'll update again in a week unless anything happens of note that I feel is worth journaling!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Face Lift - Post Op Day 6

It's kinda hard to believe that it's been almost a week since my surgery! Jim finally shared these photos of me in pre-op where Dr. Hall had marked up my face with his plan for me.

My double chin is GONE, so now I just need to continue to heal .... my incisions are looking good for the most part. The areas behind my ears are still weeping a bit while I sleep so we are taking great care to keep them covered with gauze pads that absorb any fluid so that I don't get any skin breakdown.

I had an emotional day yesterday and the "What the crap did I do?" question reared its ugly head. All of the info out there says the swelling should start declining around post op day 4/5 and I haven't had much swelling disappear yet. Of course, everyone heals differently and I am on my own journey so I've gotta remember not to compare myself to others. While I would love to be one of the people who can put on some makeup two weeks after surgery and head out, I don't think that is going to be the case. 

Someone in a Facelift Facebook group I joined shared that it really takes about six MONTHS before I will get a preview of my final result. So, I'm setting that as my new goal because I believe it is more in line with what I am experiencing. However, I do hope that I will be able to head out at some point in another week or so once I don't have to wear the compression sling 24/7. Fall is my favorite season and I do want to get back to walking so will probably pick that back up at the 2-week post op mark.

I'm looking forward to getting this next week behind me so that I don't have to wear the sling all the time. Other than that, I feel pretty normal today. The constant throbbing in my cheeks is gone and I'm happy about that!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Face Lift - Post Op Day 5

I had all of my stitches taken out yesterday and only had one small area behind my ear where the skin wasn't healed together. So, Jim will be taking care of that area and I go back in 2 weeks for Dr. Hall to check things out to make sure all is healed up. My swelling should start to go down this weekend and continue to improve each day. I'm already tired of the compression sling and I have about 10 more days of wearing it 24/7. I've decided to give myself a small break from it each morning so that I can enjoy drinking my coffee!

Sleeping on my back while elevating my head is annoying the crap out of me. I snore if I'm on my back so I'm awake a lot because I am conscious that I am snoring! I can try to sleep on my side while elevated sometime next week, but I already tested that and it is NOT comfortable AT ALL. Hopefully, the days will go by quickly and I'll be sleeping in my normal side position before I know it. 

I've started to feel a shock/twinge here and there in my chin which means the nerves are coming back. I have no idea how much of my neck will remain numb. I still have a large section of my abdomen numb from my tummy tuck 3 years ago, so I do expect to have areas of my face with no feeling to them. Those areas feel so heavy, like there is a block of concrete attached to my face. Dr. Hall describes the feeling like that heaviness you feel in your mouth when it gets numbed to fix a cavity and that is EXACTLY how it feels!

As of yesterday, I am not feeling any pain. I just feel pressure where the muscles have been pulled tight. Jim has been the BEST through all of this. He has taken over all that I usually do during the week and will continue to do so until I can go out without my compression sling on. He goes back to work next week, but the boys are home and can help take dogs out. I'm trying to avoid the neighbors seeing me in my sling if I can! LOL! 

All in all, it's not even been a full week and I'm feeling good and am not regretting my decision to have the surgery. I'm very anxious to see my face without all of the swelling and the waiting is killing me. I am not a very patient person!!  

Friday, October 9, 2020

New Home Updates

We moved into our new home in February and we've spent the last few months updating the house to make it more our own. So, I thought it was time for another house tour where I can share the updates/changes that we have made. You can view how the home looked when we first moved in here.

The big change is that we have painted all main level walls Sherwin Williams' Natural Linen. It is our favorite color and really unifies the space since it is the only color used throughout. We had new windows and garage doors installed as both were sorely needed since the house is 14 years old. This picture shows the AFTER (on the top) once we added new windows, new garage doors and removed some of the vinyl railing from the front porch. (The BEFORE is on the bottom). Our first and second floors have over 3000 sq. feet of living space, so this is a pretty big home, but the layout keeps it cozy and inviting and it doesn't really feel as big as it truly is.



We purchased a large entertainment center for the only wall in the living room as well as some new furniture from Ashley Furniture. Rugs from cover all of the wood floors. If it was up to me, I would LOVE to cover the wood flooring with carpeting once all of the dogs are gone, but we'll see .... Jim loves wood flooring!


(was previously a dining room)

The previous owner left the large black bookshelf for us! She was downsizing and so it was too big for where she was going. That worked out perfectly since I have a lot of books and needed more storage for them. 

KITCHEN/PANTRY (originally a 1/2 bath)

Once again, the previous owner left us some furniture - some gorgeous Paula Deen pieces that I totally love: the island and stools, the dining room table and chairs/2 benches, and a corner curio cabinet which I am using for storing seasonal dishes. I purchased the large buffet/hutch on the long wall to hold the rest of my dishes. The artwork on the wall is by Maya Murano and we will be commissioning more veggie & fruit art to cover the empty back wall. Actually, almost all of the artwork in our home is by Maya!

I love the pantry door!

This pot rack is the best thing ever!! I would never have thought to use one, but it works great!


There was only one shelf around the two walls in the laundry room. The rest of the items were on a shelf in the garage which is just off the end of the hallway. Jim and I bought a few more shelving pieces and organized the space so that we could get excess storage out of the garage. 


This room has turned out so much better than I could ever have imagined it would! We actually purchased all of the long blackout curtains from Overstock right after we moved in. It turns out that they are EXACTLY the same color as our paint choice. I love it when things work out like that, don't you? We actually worked on the master bath first which helped inspire the color choices for this room. I wanted it to be really neutral in color and not overly feminine - I think I got what I was looking for!

The artwork over the bed is made of four panels that I found at a local antique store. Jim screwed them all together and we hung it on the wall. The design in them mimics the mirrors in the master bath. I hung a piece of metal artwork and some candle sconces on top to finish it off. New flannel bedding from Kohls and new lamps from Amazon finish everything off. 

It would not be my preference to line up our dresser and armoire on one wall, but it's really the only space we have for furniture. The tall Paula Deen armoire nearest to the bed was left by the previous owner again.


This room was so dark before and now it looks so much bigger having painted it with a light color! I wanted to keep the "p.s. I love you" sticker over the bathroom door so we painted it and then removed the sticker leaving the previous dark paint underneath to show through. It came out great!

The mirrors are what the entire color scheme is based on and I found them at Bargain Hunt. I purchased new lighting, hook racks, faucets, towel & toilet paper holders from Lowes and some artwork from Big Lots. The painting over the toilet is from Maya Murano.



Covered/screened in L-shaped back porch with an eating area, swing and fireplace seating. I leave lots of pillows around for the dogs to use or when needed to feel more comfortable sitting on the swing!

Large outdoor side porch with seating and the grill. I keep the cushions in the large deck box so that they will, hopefully, last longer since they aren't sitting out in the elements day in and day out.

Small outside deck with a bistro set and that gorgeous view!

This is what the back of the house looks like from the back fence line. We have a full basement which is divided into three parts. One part is for storage (seasonal, holiday, boys' stuff, etc). The second area is my husband's workshop/tool section. The third area is set up for exercising. It's not a "finished" basement, but all of the 1600+ sq feet of space is organized & being used in some way or another!


We love looking out the back doors each morning and evening to see what nature has brought us that day! On a clear day, we can see the Smoky Mountains in the distance. It never gets old!


I finally found some really pretty shelves by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart for this area that is at the top of the stairs near the bedrooms. The shelves hold board games, children's books that I've saved and my cross-stitch/embroidery craft supplies.


Upstairs, there are 3 large bedrooms, a loft overlooking the living room, a full bath, a large storage closet and a "bonus" room over the garage. Our sons are in the two bedrooms for now. The loft is my craft storage area and the bonus room is a guest room and also is the overflow room for my yarn stash - lol!



Well, that is the tour of our home! You can view how it looked when we first moved in here. This is our final home - it is perfect in every way for the both of us. I got the space I was wanting and Jim got his mountain views. Although we have a 2nd floor, everything we need is on the main floor and that was something we both wanted. I feel so lucky to have found this home for us to live in for the rest of our days!