Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Face Lift - 4 months post-op

Time for another update on my face/neck lift as it has been four months since my surgery. Not much has happened in the last month. I did have a second BBL and NanoLaser treatment a few weeks ago. My skin definitely looks better! I am still dealing with the ups and downs of swelling under my chin and I do have a couple of areas of loose skin that seem to come and go with the swelling, too. I've determined that what I eat does affect my face swelling so I'm working on eliminating those items. Part of me thinks that more skin and/or muscle could have been lifted during the surgery so that I wouldn't be dealing with extra skin, but I'll discuss that with my surgeon at my 6-month post op visit in April. Most of my previously numb areas have some feeling now. I have to be careful washing my face and applying skin care or foundation as moving my skin a certain way is still uncomfortable. There must be some sort of healing going on in those areas.

Now, let's review my current pictures! My phone takes VERY different pictures when taking them by looking into a mirror vs a selfie (top). The width of my face is actually somewhere in between! LOL



These pictures show how my scars look, both in front of and behind my ears. The redness has really disappeared this month, and I expect it to continue to lighten over the next few months as well. 
You can also see my profile which looks so much better without my excess chin!




And now we have a bunch of comparison photos. These are 
Nov 2 vs Feb 2, so three months apart.
(Above) I can see that there is a bit less swelling under my chin.
(Above) It's hard to see much in this comparison, but I have had Jeuveau for the lines between my eyebrows (also know as "the 11s") in the right photo.
The current photo is on the left and my chin & cheek area look thinner. Both are selfies.

Finally, a Before & After comparison: The lines on either side of my lips are better and my cheeks have been lifted a bit. Obviously, my neck and chin area are way better! And, no frown look between my eyebrows. I still have a bit of "jowls" on either side of my chin, so I do think more could have been lifted, but there is definite improvement in my neck and chin. Overall, I'm probably 90% happy with my results. I'll update again after my April 6-month post-op with my surgeon!