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I am an avid reader and I am always interested in reading anything that will aid in making my life better. If I have completed a review of the book, there will be a link listed under the image. If you click on the book image, you will be taken to Amazon for more information on the book. (Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This compensation helps me keep this blog going so I can provide my readers with the useful content they are looking for!)

DECLUTTERING YOUR HOME - I have found these books to be invaluable in how I look at all of my "stuff." I am currently participating in the "2018 in 2018" challenge and as of January 29, 2018, we have worked through a lot of our home and have found 880 items to purge! I am usually very successful at organizing yard sales, but these books have helped me see even more items in our house that need to go!


HYYGE (pronounced hue-ga) - the basic meaning of this Danish word is "cozy contentment." I have really enjoyed embracing this concept and I have read all of the following books. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite as they all have something different to offer the reader. All of the books contain recipes, crafts and cool activities to increase the cozy in your life!


LAGOM (pronounced: law-gum)  is the Swedish concept of "just enough" which goes along with my desire to seek balance in my life. This was a good read! LYKKE (pronounced: louk-keh) is the Scandinavian word for "happiness" and we all want more of that, right? These books are wonderful companions to the Hygge book by Meik Wiking above.


ENJOY THE SEASONS!! All of these books will encourage you to enjoy the months and special holidays of each year. Even though the first book, Making Winter, seems to focus on only one season, most of the crafts, recipes and activities can be enjoyed year-round. There were actually a few crafts that I thought would be better for spring or summer!


NATURAL & SEASONAL HOMEKEEPING - I have taught myself many things as an adult. I love to make fruit preserves in the summertime. I enjoy using natural cleaning products in my home and I hope to make more and more of them from scratch with natural ingredients. These books take it back to the basics when it comes to keeping a home nice and clean. I am studying essential oils and I love using them in my products (no, I do not belong to one of the big essential oil companies, but I do have online companies I use and highly recommend - more on that in a future post!).


PALEO COOKBOOKS - I turned to a low carb way of life many years ago and I felt so healthy. However, I later returned to my poor eating ways and gained weight and felt tired all of the time. I have always tried to focus on cooking whole foods for my family, but it was time to make some changes. I have found that Paleo and Keto cookbooks offer some of the healthiest and tastiest meals we have ever enjoyed and they are usually gluten-free by default. I am gluten-sensitive so this is an important factor for me when choosing cookbooks to add to my shelves. I highly recommend all of these cookbooks if you are interested in cooking healthy food for your family.



Several other cookbooks about healthy eating that I own include the following. Honestly, with my collections, I should never eat unhealthy again!


KETO COOKBOOKS - The first book is a guidebook to getting started with a ketogenic lifestyle. There are NO recipes in it, but you will learn all you need to know about how to eat keto and should be able to do so following their food lists. The 2nd and 3rd books shown here are for those that desire to eat dairy-free. Maria includes around 200 recipes PER COOKBOOK, so you really get a good bang for your buck when you buy her books!


Other great keto cookbooks include the following:




21 DAY SUGAR DETOX SERIES - If you are looking to cook recipes that have wonderful tastes, but no sugar, then you need these! The author details a 21-day program to help you get rid of your sugar cravings. I have not done the program, but I was looking for recipes that focused on healthy eating and I cook from them regularly.

BREADMAKING - I know that baking fresh bread is not low-carb, but there are times when fresh bread will add to a dinner. I love the easy method promoted in these cookbooks! And they have even written a gluten-free version which I need to add to my shelves soon!

I would appreciate it if you decide to purchase an item after reading about it here or, for that matter, any item you are needing from Amazon. Just click on ANY item listed on my blog that links to Amazon, complete your purchase and I will get the credit for it.

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