Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tummy Tuck - Day 6 Post Op Follow Up Appointment

It has been almost a week since my lipoabdominoplasty and the last few days have been interesting and a bit uncomfortable.  Areas of my tummy are still numb and others feel funny when I touch them, while some areas are still quite sore and swollen. My incision is pretty well-healed with almost no drainage so I do not have to put bandages over that area any more. The doctor examined his work today and said that I am healing well and everything looks as it should at this point. One of his techs removed the stitches around my belly button. I must point out that my belly button looks exactly the same as it did before surgery - Dr. Reath preserved the shape of it and I am very happy with that!

Yesterday, Day 5, was not a good day. My belly was so swollen and I didn't feel like I could breath correctly. Turns out that I was holding a lot of fluid, 6 lbs to be exact. Dr. Reath told me that he removed 4 lbs of skin and fat during the surgery. I can't eat as much as I used to because he has pulled in the stomach muscles and stitched them where they should be. It will be interesting to see what I weigh once a lot of my swelling is gone.

I can now use Ibuprofen for pain relief and it will probably work better than the Percocet because it also helps with inflammation. My binders are my new best friends and I will continue to wear them daily until I return to the doctor's office in 2 more weeks. I cannot stand up straight yet and probably won't be able to for a few more weeks.

All in all, I feel like I turned a corner today and I cannot wait to see what improvements there will be over the coming weeks!

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