Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's feeling like winter

I'm still working daily to focus on the feeling of hygge in my life. To that end, I have set up this little display in the family room to remind me to slow down and enjoy the moments of the day.

I don't decorate much for Christmas, but I just have to share this sweet family of tomten that I found and arranged on the buffet. I so enjoy them and they go so well with my winter-ish painting! Tomten/Nisse/Gnomes are really "in" this year and I am hoping to make some of my own in 2018 to add to my collection next winter.

We had our first snowfall of the season this past weekend just like a lot of people around the world this week! We only received a light dusting at our home, but it was a little heavier as we traveled an hour north to visit with family. I so enjoyed the view on our drive!

I've been adding the finishing touches to cozy up my home for winter. I've been wanting to purchase some salt lamps because of the benefits of having them around the house. I've really enjoyed their warm glow and nightlight effect after dark. All of mine came with dimmer switches so I can adjust their brightness as needed. I've added them to every room and they make me feel happy & cozy inside when it is cold outside!

I've always wanted some large coffee mugs that look like pottery and I found them during an online flash sale at Pier 1 last week! They are large enough to hold soup or ice cream as well as warm beverages and were only $3.50 each ... what a bargain! There's just something about using beautiful things that adds to the daily routine.

I spent Sunday afternoon reading through a charming eBook that I got on Amazon. It is called The Winter House and it is a simple & quick read with lots of ideas to inspire one to enjoy the season. I have a large collection of essential oils and I want to use them more often. She had a recipe for one using orange, bergamot, lemon and sandalwood oils and it has made my home smell delicious for the afternoon!

The author has also written similar eBooks for the other three seasons of the year - Spring, Summer and Autumn. I am looking forward to using the ideas in these sweet books throughout next year.

Another thing I am enjoying now that the weather is colder is wearing my Solmate socks. I have had most of mine for many years so that only two or three of the patterns I own still exist on the website. I perused the new patterns and believe I have found a few new colorways that I would like to add to my collection ... I will let the family know so that they some gift ideas for me next year! It makes me smile to look down and see the mis-matched socks.

I am currently reading a biographical book about Laura Ingalls Wilder called Prairie Fires. It is a very good book!

It is over 500 pages long and full of historical information about the time period that Laura grew up in. I am really enjoying reading about this part of American history as it pertains to her life. I usually snuggle into bed about 9-9:30pm and read until 10:30pm. Doing this gives my husband some quiet time where he can watch his TV shows and enjoy some down time before heading off to bed himself. If you are a fan of The Little House on the Prairie series, the I do believe you would enjoy this book!

Christmas is fast approaching and I must get a move on to finish a blanket for my dad. So, my plan this week is to hunker down, watch The Crown & other series on Netflix and work as much as I can on it. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through so I have a lot to get done in 2 weeks! I hope that you have a good week and are doing what you can to enjoy the holiday season without too much stress!

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