Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wrapped In Jamie CAL

I am definitely going to participate in this CAL! The designer has really gone above and beyond providing lots of LOTS of resources for us. I can't believe this CAL is free!

I love that this it is a long-term project and so I can definitely fit it into my crochet schedule. Second, I LOVE the Outlander series and the story of Jamie and Claire, so I think that having this blanket in my home will be a great reminder of how love endures all.

I have chosen my colors based on the colors chosen by the designer. The large blanket contains 20 squares plus the large Claire square and I have chosen my colors using my stash of Caron Simply Soft based on her palette here and her colorways chosen here.

I will make this layout for my blanket, so will use the white for the Claire Square, and the Bone color will be my border for all of my squares. The 20 squares will come from the other colors. My triangles will be made from 14 of the colors and I will decide on those colors once I have my layout decided. My border will be in the Bone color.

I cannot wait to see the end result ... it is going to be beautiful!

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