Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Struggling through

Since I last posted, I've had stuff that I've wanted to share here but I honestly couldn't find the motivation to sit down and put a post together. 

Then I saw this graphic today and realized that there hasn't been much sunshine lately. There are so many things that I do like about the darkest months of winter, but I do need some sunshine now and then! Hopefully, I'll get some motivation back as the weather warms up in the coming months and the sun remembers to pop out and visit us a bit more!

My biggest struggle right now is working through a huge list of healthy habits that I need to get back to and make time for. I can honestly admit that I waste time each day that could be put towards establishing these habits. My plan is to work through this list one habit at a time and not try to do them all at once. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'll be in a better place than I am now.

I was hoping to be exercising a bit by now as well, but that hasn't happened. I really want to just start lifting weights again as I can tell I've lost strength since I left Planet Fitness a year ago. I'm working through that now. I also know I need to get in some cardio for my heart health, too. But my main thought about all of this is "bleh ... don't wanna do it" ... just being honest.

So, sorry this isn't a very upbeat post ... but it is what is on my mind lately. I have a lot of "should do's" on my mind that are fighting with my energy and motivation levels. I guess we'll see who wins in the coming weeks LOL!

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