Monday, August 7, 2017

Book Review: Boho Crochet

I have a lot of crochet books and I am going to review one weekly until I get through all of them! What caught my eye with Boho Crochet is the cover - it is gorgeous ... all of the color just speaks to me! This book did not disappoint me when I opened the box and started looking through it. 

Projects include those for the home - blankets, rug, pillows, pot holders/coasters/mandalas - items for personal use including a headband, wrist cuffs, wrap, scarf, cowl, necklace and various bags ... and even a project for covering Christmas balls with crochet (as shown on the cover). There really is something for everyone and a good variety of items so that a person can try creating something easily just by opening the book.

My favorite projects are the circles blanket and floral runner - they are so pretty and colorful! (I wish I had better lighting today, but it is a rainy day here! I will learn how to take better pictures for the blog soon!)

This book is perfect for me, a newish crocheter. I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I have a book of patterns in front of me, but this one did not give me that feeling. I actually think I could make every item in this book even though some projects are a bit more difficult than the rest.

One thing to note: there are no graphs demonstrating how to make the projects; only written out directions are included. Finally, the back of the book contains techniques information - stitches, joining, materials, etc. All in all, I'd give this a 9/10 ... taking off a point because of the lack of graph directions which I know many people prefer. Boho Crochet is available from any bookseller and online from Amazon. (Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Amazon and do receive compensation if you purchase through my link).


  1. Thank you for review of Boho Crochet. I am looking forward to reading your future book reviews.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I plan to review a book weekly until I have no more left. It won't always be a craft book, but may be a fiction/nonfiction book that I am currently reading. I love books!


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