Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The week so far

It's been sort of a busy week with lots of errand running. That is not my favorite type of week. I love those days where I have NOTHING to do because it means more crochet time!

My husband, son & girlfriend and I went to view the total eclipse in Andrews, NC. We had our telescope with solar filter and found a spot alongside the road where 2 other families were set up. They had cameras and got some amazing photos. Another young man popped in about 15 minutes before totality and we enjoyed the total eclipse together. It was really neat - as we got closer to the total eclipse, the temperature cooled, crickets and frogs came out and the wind stopped. We could see the solar flares on the sun during totality! Our trip over was a bit under 3 hours and our drive home was over twice that! Traffic home was insane! However, we can't wait to do it all over again in 2024 because it was such a wonderful experience.

I want to share a wonderful product that I'd highly recommend - My youngest son has a really difficult problem with gingivitis and our dental hygienist recommended the Crest HD treatment, so I went out and bought it and, in about a week, the redness of my son's gums is almost GONE! It costs about $13 and is worth every penny. My oldest son has gum issues, too, and I believe he is going to try this product as well to see if it will help him.

I'm starting to work on a rainbow baby blanket this week. I hope it comes out ok. Sometimes, it is difficult to take a pattern and put yarn to it and envision the final project. I hope to get this blanket done within a couple of weeks so I can move onto another project. I only have 524,937 projects that I want to complete before I die! LOL!

I haven't been eating as well as I should (i.e. I've been eating gluten, more carbs, sugar, etc.) and I can tell this in my energy levels. So, I need to get back to leaving these items out of my diet and hope my energy levels go back up. I'm still motivated to get up and go to the gym and that is a good thing!

Guess that is all for the week so far. I hope that your week is going well!

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