Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yarn & Hook Review: Stylecraft Tweedy, Scheepjes Invicta, & Clover Soft Touch Hooks

I love to hear what others think about certain yarns before I purchase them. However, both of these yarns reviewed below were purchased without knowing much about them! Being a new crocheter, I buy most of my yarn without knowing much about it and my stash of yarn is quite extensive at this point. When I find a yarn I like, I buy one of each color so that I have samples at home to play around with when deciding on colors for a project.

I love variegated yarn and I love creating projects with it. It allows for lots of color without changing colors with each row or round or whatever. This means less ends to weave in when the project is complete and that is a VERY good thing! I used Scheepjes Invicta Color yarn to create a scarf with a non-repeating pattern. I pulled out a bunch of related colorways and figured out where to join them based on the color changes. I think I used 6 or 7 different skeins and I'm very happy with the result. The scarf is very long so it can be wrapped around the neck twice and still tied.

The yarn is thin and considered a sock yarn. I may just have to learn how to knit so that I can make some gorgeous socks for myself! It is 75% wool/25% acrylic and while it isn't exactly super soft, I didn't feel it was scratchy when wound around my neck. It can be a bit inconsistent in spots as the yarn goes from very thin to a bit chunky, but I would like how that looks in a finished item. It is machine washable and that is a good thing.

I just received this gorgeous Stylecraft Tweedy yarn this week and it is incredibly soft! It is made of 3 stands of yarn wound together and it has a good stretch to it which, I believe, would make it a great yarn for clothing items. Yarns like this can be "splitty" with the hook catching only part of the yarn, but I had no problems with that using a Clover Soft Touch G/4mm hook. The yarn just glided right on and off the hook - it was amazing!

I chose the top colorway, Bracken, to sample because my husband said it was his favorite. I didn't want to make a striped blanket this time, so played around with a simple solid granny square pattern and the result was beautiful! 

It appeared very autumnal with a touch of jewel colors and so I was in love with it instantly! I got out my pegs of Stylecraft Special DK color samples and played around with my husband helping me make final choices. I decided to make a rectangle solid granny square afghan for use staying warm in the evenings. The solid colors will be added in rounds between the Tweedy yarn to break it up. I believe that it will look gorgeous thrown over the couch when not in use. I have another blanket to finish first, but should be able to start this in a week or two.

Finally, we get to the Clover Soft Touch hooks. I have been using the Clover Amour hooks and been very satisfied with them ... that was until I tried a Soft Touch for the first time this week. They are super light in your hand and the yarn doesn't catch on the hook as much. It is also way cheaper to buy them in the set instead of one at a time. I tend to use a G/4mm hook a lot so I bought a couple extra of those so that I can work on a couple of projects at the same time without moving a hook back and forth between them. I am so glad that I finally invested in the Clover Soft Touch hooks. I was crocheting faster and with fewer mistakes and that made me very happy!

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