Friday, September 13, 2019

Lots of crochet this week

I started the week by organizing my yarn and labeling the shelves. You can see those pictures of my craft room here.

I've started a lot of projects in the past few weeks, mostly blankets. We just don't have a lot in our home as I give most of the ones I make away as gifts! So, I'm participating in several crochet-a-longs to help me stay motivated to get some blankets complete before the cooler weather moves in.

I finished my first Wrapped In Jamie block, but made up my own border because the designer's border was just a bit more complicated than I have time for.

I am making four seasonal blankets for our living room. Each one is in a palette reminding me of the seasons. I am using Vibrant Vintage patterns from Cypress Textiles for my summer blanket. So far, I have 1/4 of the blanket complete, one square in each color I'm choosing to use. I just need to make 3 more in each color. I will join/border in cream.

I'm using patterns from books I have here in my home to make up a fall blanket in the colors below. Adding in a bit of Halloween colors to make it a bit more vibrant! This blanket will be a bit of a stashbuster as I will not have the same number of squares in each color. I'm starting with those in the picture and will add more in as needed to make the required amount of squares needed. I will use the dark brown for the join/border as I believe it will make the colors POP!

I'm going to use the Nature's Walk CAL patterns to create a spring blanket using Stylecraft Bambino and Bellissima yarns. The palette is pink and purple flowers, green leaves and grass, plus a beautiful blue sky full of clouds. A nice yellow sunshine border and join will set the colors off nicely, I think!

I will also be joining in the Mediterranean Summer CAL ... I have chosen wintery colors for it, so it may suit as a winter-themed blanket. I will decide once it is finished!

It may seem too much to have several projects going at once, but I get bored easily so this way I can go back and forth between several projects and not get bored. I'm not too worried about when I need to get the blankets completed ... it will all happen eventually!

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