Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tour of my Home - Craft Room

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My "yarn" room is my most favorite room in my home because it is full of all of my yarny goodness! I have lots and lots of yarn from many companies and I actually have plans for most of it.

This is what you see when standing in the hallway looking into the craft room.

This is the first shelf on the left side.

Then going around the room, we have the following:

The fridge under the desk holds all of my essential oils. Refrigerating them doubles their usage time. When my oils "expire," I use them in cleaning items or keep using them in the diffuser knowing that their therapeutic properties are not there anymore. It doesn't mean they still don't smell good! The cupboard houses more aromatherapy supplies. Of course, there is yarn in the bins!

I also have a small space off of our living room that holds my papercrafting supplies. I also like to cross-stitch and want to learn embroidery, so I have a set of DMC flosses in all colors. I'm not sure I have enough time left on this earth to complete all of the projects I want to do!

Well, that is the grand tour of my home. It's nothing you will see in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, but I am more about having a home that works for us and not a showplace.

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