Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Tour of my Home - Living Room

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Now you are joining me in the room that I spend the most time in - the living room. We have a nice sized room, but it took us a while to figure out how to use the space. This was the dining room at one point! I can't put a couch in front of the left-side windows because the dogs lay on the back of it and bark at everything that goes by! You will see that I have the cushions covered with a blanket. This is to make cleaning the couch simple and to help if they jump up on it with muddy feet or get sick on the couch (they have done both!). The bookshelves hold all of the books in the house. I can't imagine not having them!

Now for a look from the other side of the room. Three of my 4 dogs are here at the moment! I sit on the loveseat near the floor lamp most of the time.

Here is the honesty of what is hiding behind the couch! We just painted the interior walls in June and I still need to paint the interior of the kitchen pantry and the laundry room. I just keep putting it off for another day!

The table next to the sofa is command central for my husband. That charging station is his space to put his important papers. We love the weather station next to the phone! As you can see, I didn't really clean up this area for the pictures. This is how we live ... bits and pieces stored here and there. Winter means rough hands and so I have lotions stored here for my husband to use as needed.

Now I have a few pieces that help us with storage. The ottoman and TV stand hold DVDs and magazines.

The cabinet that I use as an endtable holds candles and dog brushes and misc. papers, etc.

Just for fun, this is how we first arranged this room when we turned it into a living room. Of course, we only had Shadow at this time, but we soon learned he barked at everything he could see out the window!

Now, we will go to the nook that is adjacent to the living room.

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