Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Tour of my Home - Laundry & Hall Closets

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I am very thankful that my laundry room is NOT in the basement. It can be a bit noisier to have the washer and dryer in the hallway, but I'll take that over a basement laundry any day! We have a 3-pocket sorter and NO laundry baskets. Laundry goes from the dryer to the bed and then gets put away ... well, most of the time. Sometimes, the laundry ends up on my dresser top to put away the next day!

I have see-through containers on the shelves above so that I can see what is in them and know which one to grab. They are full of cleaning supplies, Glade plug-ins, lightbulbs, medicines and other odds and ends.

Our quilts, blankets, sheets, tablecloths, beach towels and other linens are stored on the shelves next to the dryer.

Finally, we have this small closet (it is opposite diagonally from the laundry closet) which I am so thankful for! It was extra space behind the shower in the hall bath and the builders had the forethought to use it for something! There are lots of shelves and it holds all kinds of toiletry items. I will stock up when something goes on sale!

I am not taking you into the hall bath or my son's bedroom because there isn't much to show you in those rooms. So, next, we will see the master bed and bath.

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