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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Testing a crochet pattern

I was so excited to be asked to test a crochet pattern as I am a fairly new crocheter and so my skills are still growing. Heather from @hookonepurlone created an adorable rainbow heart and posted it on Instagram. My son's girlfriend loves rainbows so I asked her if she had a pattern and Heather responded saying that it wouldn't be released until September. However, she then contacted me asking if I would test the pattern for her! Yippee! I intend to send a rainbow heart for inclusion in Yarndale and thought this would be a great option. My first one is a bit too big, so I will make another using a smaller hook and, fingers crossed, it will be the right size for me to mail this week! Meanwhile, Geo has the option of snagging this one from me!

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