Friday, August 18, 2017

A Tour of my Home - Dining Room & Sitting Area

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This space was used as a living room when we first moved here because we wanted to use the fireplace. However, we quickly found out that it doesn't draw well, so there was no point in squeezing the four of us into this tiny space. It has been a dining room for a long time now. This is the room as seen from the foyer.

This is the room while standing in the kitchen. The shelving units are made of reclaimed barnwood and were purchased last year at a local antique store. I used to sell Southern Living at Home many moons ago and so most of my dinnerware and other SLaH items are stored here.

Since our fireplace doesn't work, we snagged a bunch of cut up logs from the side of the road and put them in here! The pottery and basket come from the farm that Jim lived on during his childhood.

Some of the bins in the shelves hold stationery items, like note cards and address labels.

Right next to the dining room is a little sitting area. This area was a breakfast nook when we were using the dining room as a living room. It has also been an office area when I had a desk. Now it is just a quiet place to sit and read or chit-chat after dinner.

The corner cabinet is another reclaimed barnwood piece and it houses the other half of my Penguin Clothbound Classics collection and more Southern Living at Home items.

In the bottom of the cabinet, I store decorating items and candles.

Here is a photo I found when this space was an office area. This is a "first day of school" picture from about 6 years ago for my youngest son, Ian. He is Shadow's favorite person!

Now, we will venture down the hallway!

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